The Progeny Society

Welcome to the official website of The Progeny Society! Here you can find information about our software, our educational tools, and our projects.

Who We Are

The Progeny Society is a genealogy organization like none other in the world. It is not affiliated with any already existing organization; commercial or religious. It is a non-profit group, meaning its primary motivation is to benefit mankind. The Progeny Society and its members control the development of software, provide organizational management and education for its 1790 and other projects, and provide up-to-date genealogical training and information.

The staff includes everyday people with backgrounds in computer programming, databases, genealogy, writing, business, and other skills. Official members of The Progeny Society include everything from individuals who are just beginning to learn about genealogy, to professionals with personal databases numbering in the tens of thousands. The Progeny Society was founded in 2011 and is currently located in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Our Goals

The Progeny Society is driven by the following goals:

1. Provide everyone access to free and powerful genealogy software.

2. Educate everyone how to do modern genealogy using the latest tools and research methods.

3. The completion of its projects, namely the 1790 and Founding Fathers Projects.

4. Foster collaboration amongst all genealogists, especially those working on the same surname lines.

5. Create a high quality database of vital statistics and multimedia.