Founding Fathers Project

The Founding Fathers project is a project sponsored by The Progeny Society to gather (using The Huff Method) the descendancies of the Founding Fathers found in this famous painting of The Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull.












We are starting the project with what are considered to be the “key” Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.

The information gathered for these individuals will be released to the public at no cost on Once completed, we will add a search feature that will allow anyone in the world to quickly find out if they are related to any of the United States’ Founding Fathers.


Here at the Progeny Society, we realized that much of the data for our Founding Fathers is located in scattered fragments on hundreds of websites throughout the world. We also realized that there is a serious lack of original research on many of today’s popular genealogical websites. For example, much of the data is simply copied and pasted from others. Furthermore, there is a surprising lack of source documentation for many of the men and women included in the Founding Father’s genealogies.

Seeing this problem, we decided that many would benefit by launching a project of our own.


We welcome anyone’s participation, especially those that may be related to or have documentation for the Founding Fathers (such as photographs and other media). If you would like to participate in the Founding Father’s project, you can create a free account at and contact the group owner of the founding father that you wish to contribute data to. You may also contact us at for more information.