Planned Features

As part of The Progeny Society’s commitment to allow its users to have direct involvement in the production of software, we are happy to present the following planned features lists. If you would like to recommend a feature, please visit our software suggestions page.

Planned Features for Version 1.0 to be released in February (in no particular order):

  • A useful “User Profile” to help researchers find others who hold the same interests.
  • Add a simplified “Add Me” feature to make joining groups easier.
  • Allow users to purchase access to other published names
  • Add a “Disputed Marriage” tag which will allow you to identify relationships which are disputed by other researchers.
  • Done! Improve the “Family Group” page’s layout, especially navigating between multiple spouses.
  • Add the ability to add Parents to a Capstone Ancestor, and thus change the capstone Ancestor.
  • Allow various name linking options between Surname Groups.
  • Email notifications when you’ve received a Private Message.
  • Done! Allow users to input a Region instead of a State when needed.
  • Allow users to input Alternative Spellings to a given Surname Group (This will allow others to find your groups when entering these alternate spellings in a search.)
  • Done! Add the option of purchasing Text-Only Surname Groups in addition to the 4 free ones.
  • Warn Users when they create a Surname Group with a Capstone that matches an existing name in the database.
  • Done! Ability to delete unlinked names.
  • Done! Ability to upload files larger than 2MB.
  • Done! Re-arrange name editing form to make data entry easier
  • Done! Re-arrange name input form to make data entry easier

Planned Features for a near, but not upcoming, release: