Home is internet-based genealogy software created and managed by The Progeny Society. ProgenyLink offers users a way to organize their genealogical data
and collaborate with others users in a very unique way. Here is a list of just some of the features and benefits of ProgenyLink.

1. Creating an account is free and always will be!

2. It makes full use of The Huff Method, which is a research method that saves genealogists time and money as well as eliminating the causes of duplication.

3. Modernize genealogy by combining family history software, social networking, and online digital media into one single website.

4. It allows users to view and work on the same data at the same time with other users. No more endless emails and gedcoms!

5. It allows users to upload all kinds of documents to a central online database. You could be in Florida uploading a photo of your great-grandfather, while your cousin in California uploads the birth certificate!

6. Users have complete ownership of their data with custom privacy settings. No one else can view or edit your data without your permission.

7. Developed with a keen eye towards real genealogy. It has an innovative way to source every piece of data, a place to record personal histories, and a way to record GPS coordinates for locations.

8. will be updated with features frequently. In addition, all future features will be determined by you and other users!

9. Allows members to get fair compensation for their hard work by providing them access to thousands of high quality names and a way to market their high quality data. is currently in its first version – Version 1.0.  Version 1.0 was released in early February 2012.