24 Jan 2012


Hi everyone, we have two important announcements!

First, The Progeny Society’s page has completed its first major update and has some new, important content! You can now find information on both the 1790 and Founding Fathers Projects. In addition, there is now a “learning center” that features an explanation of The Huff Method as well as a link to the personal blog of the founder of the Progeny Society, Kent Huff. We have also introduced a planned features and software suggestions section, where our members can participate in the development of software.

In the short future, the learning center will feature instructional videos and content related to The Progeny Society’s projects. In addition, there will be a section for an upcoming periodical that will center around education and modern genealogy. It will feature information such as how to find and use census records, how to use the latest technologies, etc. Stay tuned!

Second, The Progeny Society is proud to announce that‘s beta is in full swing and is ready for public testing! Like all beta products, there may be some minor bugs, but we invite everyone to go to and check out our software by creating a free account.

Thanks for your interest and welcome!